HAMEG HMS3000 Spectrum analyzer with FM- and AM demodulators.

Manual here


  • Frequency range 100kHz to 3GHz
  • Tracking generator HMS3010 -20 to 0dBm
  • Amplitude measurement range -114 to +20dBm, DANL -135dBm with preamp. option HO3011
  • Sweep time 20ms to 1000s
  • Resolution bandwidth 100Hz to 1MHz in 1 to steps, 200kHz (-3dB); additional 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, 1MHz)
  • Spectral purity <-100dBc/Hz
  • Video bandwidth 10Hz to 1MHz in 1 to 3 steps
  • Integrated AM and FM Demodulators Detectors: auto-, min-, max-peak, sample, RMS, quasi-peak
  • 8 Markers with delta marker, miscellaneous peak functions
  • Crisp 16.5cm TFT VGA display, DVI output
  • 3x USB for mass-storage, printer and remote control optional IEEE-488 or Ethernet/USB interface


Do not do these things or you will be escorted out of the building in tar and feathers!

  • connecting random chinesium stuff. if you have to, make sure the output of your stuff is below 25 Volts or 20dBm, wichever is lower! Also make sure your device is set up for a 50 Ω impedance.

  • connecting random connectors. faulty connectors can wear out or destroy the N connector on the spectrum analyzer. use the connector provided by the space or ask someone from the space if your connector.

  • over torqueing connectors. RF connectors can be damaged by being overtorqued. If you pull out a wrench prepare to have it used on yourself!

  • try to hack the spectrum analyzer. It has already been hacked and it doesn’t need to be hacked to pieces. If you have a proposal for utilizing the smorgasbord of IO’s, run it by the space board.